About us



Todey d.o.o. is the company which exists since 1991, and it is the leading supplier of materials, intermediate goods and supplies for the printing industry on the domestic market. More than 25 years of successful existence and constant growth are the testimony of the quality of our products and services, as well as our reputation.

We have over 25 distributor contracts and successful partnership with the most prominent companies from all over the world, like Trelleborg Vulcan&Rollin, Continental, Savatech, Lohmann, Cosmo films, DruckChemie, Weilburger graphics, Sontara, Cito system, Epple Druckfarben, Henkel adhesives, Schobertechnologies, Folex, Hagedorn, Prägo Patrizen, Albert Erdmann, Brenntag, Recyl graphic, Ecograph, CBG Acciai, Policrom screens, and many others.

We are distributor of the wide assortment of products intended for the printing industry in the Serbian market, but also in the markets of Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than 1500 clients, branch offices in Belgrade, Čačak and Novi Sad, highly trained and educated staff, with quick reaction to every demand are the reasons why Todey company is always one step ahead of the competition.

Beside the highest quality products, Todey company is offering service of mixing Pantone offset inks, converting offset blankets with bars, winding the wipes for automated cleaning of offset printing presses, as well as producing die cutting tools in our sister company Laserform. We also offer the expert technical support for your production processes with the goal of achieving the best possible quality of products for our clients.

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